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Our Interior Design & Architecture Studio was established in 2002.

Interior design makes our passion. We are delighted to share it with our Clients.

The design team is headed by the Interior Designer Diana Sarna, the enthusiast of fine detail and graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design of the University of Fine Arts in Kraków.

Our design work consists of various activities, the tangible effect of which is architecture, the designed and executed interiors as well as furniture and images, the value of which is reflected in the use and appearance.

We stand out with our quality approach: we provide our Clients with professional design services tailored to their individual needs, defined at the early stage of our cooperation, starting from concept development through the finishing works.

Our design is based on our boundless imagination, which informs the atmosphere of the interiors and addresses users’ needs. The imagination is also useful at the final stage, the execution of our design. We support it by working with proven, experienced contractors – experts in their domains, which results in harmony and refined detail. In this way, we avoid randomness and deliver consistently designed forms that make fashionable, modern design or possibly a subtle combination of the classics and modernity.

We seek to integrate architecture, interior design and furniture design into one, well-thought whole, thus defining the comprehensive range of our services.

Diana Sarna

Our team

Diana Sarna

A graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

Aleksander Sarna

“Architect of the company” coordinating the implementation of the projects.

Karolina Ciba

A graduate of Architecture / Politechnika Świętokrzyska

Ewa Karczewska

A graduate of Architecture at The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Rzeszów University of Technology

Our designers have relevant educational backgrounds and abundant experience, which make designed solutions highly functional and tailored to the needs of our Clients, for whom we are delighted to pursue our passion.

We believe that effective communication and flexibility during design collaboration bring excellent results. At the outset, we seek to understand our Clients’ individual needs and preferences and turn all of the information we receive into specific design solutions to present interior design that is well-thought and visually refined.

We deliver interior design for residential venues such as manor houses, suites and business properties such as shopping, office and service venues.
Our mission is to create ergonomic spaces that are highly functional and original, tailored to individual needs, desires and expectations of our Clients, as we have done since 2002.

We are pleased to work with private Clients and large international corporations such as ArcelorMittal, Becton Dickinson, MAN and institutions, including the Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie Region and the National Social Security Welfare Corporation in Liberia in Africa.

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We carry out interior design projects all over Poland, as well as abroad for our demanding high quality investors.

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