Which is our favourite commercial Interior Design Project?

Our favourite project we have recently worked on, is the office and laboratory space for Becton Dickinson & Company, Research Centre Ireland building in Limerick, Ireland. It was not a standard design of the interior. Our design team had to fit the building into the already existing one structure of external walls and roof structure. Sounds strange and difficult? Oh yes, but with our Client and all our design team we found the solution in… containers. We saw potential in the problem posed by the existing hall, needs and requirements of the investor. At the end, our new “building in building” doesn’t look like a container structure. It was just the way of achieving the final design. Once again we noticed that architecture means taking decisions depending on possibilities.

Aleksander Sarna


Favourite Quote.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs

Most satisfying part of being an architect.

I feel satisfaction when I observe how a concept is transforming into something real and then when the created space takes the helm and forms its users.

How would you describe your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is described with two words: creativity & responsibility.

Creativity, because I am close to the philosophy of Osho who said that creativity is a form of rebellion. Thus, I rebel by finding inapparent application of materials, by experimenting with form and texture, while at the same time being faithful to a strict concept of simple forms.

Responsibility, because my foundation is listening to the investor’s needs, getting to know their habits, and then leading them through a maze of materials available on the market and selecting the perfect ones that are suitable for the concept I assumed earlier.


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